Destination Wedding

Wedding & Elopement photographers


Destination Wedding

Wedding & Elopement photographers

Enjoy every given moment!

Meet the Photographers

Welcome friends, we are the A & F Photography

Our names are Akos & Flora Kurti, we are wedding duo photographers from Hungary.
We enjoy travelling, different cultures and people.
We have been photographing weddings for several years and it's a real passion for us.
Our goal is to create lasting memories on your Big day.
We would be happy to be your wedding or elopement photographers.

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You're planning a wedding at a beautiful seaside location, or perhaps you're more drawn to the romantic ambiance of the mountains?

Absolutely understand! Choosing a unique location for your wedding not only offers marvelous creative opportunities but also provides us with a fantastic chance to work creatively. Moreover, as avid travelers ourselves, we thoroughly enjoy exploring and capturing such extraordinary destinations, that's why we decided to combine two of our passions: wedding photography and traveling.

Adventurous Wedding

Planning a destination wedding can often seem overwhelming. However, with us as your photographers, rest assured, you're in capable hands. Our commitment extends far beyond merely snapping photos; we're here to encapsulate the very essence of your big day. From the breathtaking landscapes to the intimate moments and joyous celebrations, every detail is significant to us.

We believe that every photo has its own story, and we want yours to be the most beautiful. To us, it's not just about a wedding, but a marvelous adventure we embark on with you. Allow us to help you immerse in the emotions and preserve those moments that will forever be part of your memory

We are excited to learn about you and the details of your wedding day. Please share your names, email, and wedding date with me. We also love to hear your story—how you met and what you envision for your wedding. Understanding how you imagine your big day helps me capture it perfectly!